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2017-07-08: Award Recommendations

Their Excellencies will be holding a Baronial Court at Pennsic on Wednesday August 9th
under the Red Spears shade pavillion on the Battlefield. 

Send them to Baron@redspears.org and Baroness@redspears.org.

2017-07-03: Spearpoint

There is a new Spearpoint newsletter available for your reading pleasure.
It can be retrieved anytime through the Information menu selection or by clicking here.

2017-06-27: July Baronial Meeting

July 23rd Sun 2 PM 
8219 Rudolph Rd.; Rudolph, OH 43462

Baronial meeting and potluck cookout. The Baron will be supplying Brats. Please bring a dish to pass if you can.
There will be  an official Archery practice after the meeting.

2017-06-24: Their Excellencies Red Spears

At Baron Wars, on June 24th in Evening Court, Meister Konrad Mailander and THL Isibél inghean Uilliam mhic Leòid
were invested as the new Red Spear Baron and Baroness by their Majesties William and Isolde.

2017-06-23: Baronial Meeting

At the Emergency Baronial Meeting on June 23rd, at Baron Wars the following pieces of business were addressed:

Baronial Exchequer: By a unanimous vote of the populace, Lady Rhiannon Blaiddwen is the new Exchequer.

Baronial Chronicler: By a unanimous vote of the populace, Lady Muirenn ingen Ragnaill is the new Chronicler.

Baronial Chatelaine: By a unanimous vote of the populace, Lady Beatrix de Vezelay is the new Chatelaine.

Baronial Knights Marshal: By a unanimous vote of the populace, Baron Raffaele da Cernia remains the Knights Marshal

2017-06-23: Baronial Meeting Minutes:

The Baronial Meeting Minutes areavailable on the website and can be found under the "Information" menu selection or through this link: http://redspears.midrealm.org/minutes.php

Updates to the website will be accepted via  e-mail or at Baronial meetings. Due to the need to keep records, facebook will not do. Once the information is reviewed and approved, the website will be updated.