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2017-05-25: Baronial Exchequer Position Opening

Effective immediately Matt Ducat has resigned as the Baronial Exchequer for the Barony of Red Spears. Lord Guillaume has been appointed by the Kingdom Exchequer as the interim exchequer for the next month. I will be taking resumes to fill the position as soon as possible. This is a required position for the Barony and needs to be filled quickly. If interested in the position email me Seneschal@redspears.org. Lord Guillaume will be working closely with whoever takes this position to train them in their duties and help you get warranted as an exchequer. The Kingdom Exchequer has expressed that she would like the interested person to be free of any other officer position within the Barony or any of its respective Cantons.

2017-05-21: Oregon Fest Demo - Cancelled due to weather.

2017-05-21: Baronial Meeting - Cancelled (Will be rescheduled and announced)

2017-05-15: Marche of the Marshes

Thursday night at the Marche Meeeting there will be a special bussiness meeting and vote regarding Baron Wars. Members of the Marche are strongly encouraged to attend to take part in the disscussion and vote.

2017-04-21: Baronial Meeting and Officer Openings

The next meeting will be after Oregonfest (May 21st) after the demo ends at around 6pm. The office of Knights Marshal will be opened by Raffaele and he has stated his intent to run for the position for another term. Anyone else who wishes to be considered must inform myself and Raffaele by email (seneschal@redspears.org and Baron@redspears.org) no later than May 14th.

2017-03-30: Baronial Chatelaine Announcement:

Francis was elected as the new Baronial Chatelaine. Congratulations Francis!

2017-03-30: Spearpoint Newsletter:

There is a new Spearpoint newsletter available. It can be accessed through the menu under Information, or just click here.

2017-03-30: Baronial Meeting Minutes:

The Baronial Meeting Minutes areavailable on the website and can be found under the "Information" menu selection or through this link: http://redspears.midrealm.org/minutes.php

2017-03-30: Baronial Order of Precedence:

The Baronial Order of Precedence page has changed. It has been replaced with a searchable database and is the default page displayed when going to the Order of Precedence page. The old page will remain available by a link on the new search page, however will no longer be updated. The old page will be removed at the end of April, 2017.
The new page can be accessed through the menu under Information, or just click here.

Updates to the website will be accepted via  e-mail or at Baronial meetings. Due to the need to keep records, facebook will not do. Once the information is reviewed and approved, the website will be updated.