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2018-03-22: Baronial Meeting:

The next Baronial Meeting will be held on 03/25/2018 at 3:30pm.
The location will be at the Catteden meeting location.
Vanlue Community Church
101 E main, Vanlue Ohio 45890

2018-03-22: Baronial Financial Committee Meeting - Special Meeting - Minutes:

The Baronial Financial Committee Meeting Minutes are available on the website and can be found under the "Information" menu selection or through this link: http://redspears.midrealm.org/minutes.php

2018-03-22: Baronial Meeting Minutes:

The Baronial Meeting Minutes are available on the website and can be found under the "Information" menu selection or through this link: http://redspears.midrealm.org/minutes.php

2018-03-05: A missive from Their Excellencies:

Greetings unto the populace of Red Spears from Konrad and Isibel, Baron and Baroness of Red Spears.

Our next Baronial event, A Day of Ranged Weaponry, is coming up in a month on April 7th. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the event. As the site fee is donation only and there is loaner gear for archery and thrown weapons We encourage everyone to bring a friend as it is a great opportunity to introduce them to the SCA.

We are always accepting award recommendations but to provide time for the scribes to get scrolls finished for the event. We ask that any Baronial award recommendations for A Day of Ranged Weaponry be made no later than March 17th. Any recommendations after that will have to wait for another event unless you are volunteering to provide the scroll for the award yourself for the event. For Baronial awards send recommendations to: awards@redspears.org

As has been the tradition of previous Barons and Baronesses of Red Spears We do not plan to hold a Baronial Court at Baron Wars since Their Majesties usually have a lot of business to do in Their Royal Court at that event. Now is the time to start thinking about making recommendations to the Crown for kingdom awards for Baron Wars. You are welcome to share your kingdom level recommendations with Us through the awards@redspears.org email so that We can add our voice to yours.

Our next Baronial Court after A Day of Ranged Weaponry will be at Pennsic. Again to give our scribes lead time to get scrolls done before the event in the midst of Pennsic prep, recommendations for Baronial awards need to be made by June 30th. After that date recommendations may have to wait for a future court, unless you are volunteering to provide the scroll for that event.

The March of the Crossing of the Red Spears was elevated to the Barony of Red Spears on October 13th, 1990. It is Our desire to have a Baronial 30th Birthday event in October 2020. As the third weekend of October is reserved for Crown Tourney we are looking at October 10th, 2020 as the first choice of dates for the event. More information will come out later on the timeline for the Barony accepting bids for the event but it is never too soon to start scouting for sites.

In Service to Red Spears and the Midrealm We remain,
Konrad & Isibel

2018-01-24: Officer Openings

The Baronial Chronicler position has been opened.
The Baronial Youth Minister position has been opened.
For those interested in applying for either of the positions,
please email the Red Spears Seneschal with your information. click here.

The minimum information to include in your e-mail is:
The office you would like considered for,
Membership Number and Expiration date,
Full SCA Name,
Legal Name,
Legal Address,
Contact Information (Phone # and preferred E-mail adddress).

Event Planning

A new page had been added to the Baronial website.
The page covers information regarding Event Planning for groups within our Barony.
It can be accessed through the Menu under Information then Event Planning, or you can click here.

Award Recommendations

Their Excellencies need award reccomendations for upcoming events.

Send them to awards@redspears.org.

Updates to the website will be accepted via  e-mail or at Baronial meetings. Due to the need to keep records, facebook will not do. Once the information is reviewed and approved, the website will be updated.