Barony of Red Spears Financial Policy

Baronial Financial Policy

  1. The Baronial Financial Committee shall be defined as the Baronial Seneschal, Baronial Exchequer, and at least one other member of Baronial Curia whose terms of service are defined in the Baronial Charter.
  2. Dispersal of any Baronial Funds shall be decided on by unanimous vote of the Baronial Financial Committee for amounts not totaling more than three hundred dollars($300). Amounts totaling more than three hundred dollars($300) will be voted upon by paid members of the Baronial populace present at the meeting with a 2/3 approval needed for passing.
  3. The financial committee may meet to discuss the dispersal of funds for emergency (less that $300) as needed. All other meetings will be posted to the Baronial website with a date, time and location of meeting in advance.
  4. All events that choose to accept preregistration funds may offer refunds for non used preregistration upon request no later than twenty four hours after the end of the event. Requests should be made via email to the event steward or exchequer. Funds not requested will be considered a donation to the event. Preregistration is not transferable, this includes lunch and feast preregistration.
  5. The Barony is willing to financially assist other groups funding events.
    1. Any money coming into the event will first go to cover expenditures, and then to repay the money provided by the Barony; any profits after that will be divided as delineated by the fund request.
    2. The Fund Request will include, but not be limited to:
      1. The reason for the money requested.
      2. A budget for the project/event.
      3. A repayment plan.
      4. Proposed split of any profits.
  6. It has long been the custom (but is not required) in our Barony that Cantons holding events donate 10% of event profits to the Barony. When the Barony hosts an event on Canton land, the Barony shall make a donation of 10% of the profits to the appropriate Canton.
  7. Allowing for non-admission charges to events will be limited to members of Royalty (King, Queen, Prince, Princess), the Baron/Baroness of Red Spears. Additionally event staff as chosen by the Seneschal or event steward may also be waved but must be announced at time of bidding for event and approved.
  8. To receive reimbursement for expenditures of personal funds used for Baronial business or event supplies:
    1. The Financial Committee must have approved the expenditure either individually or as part of a budget.
    2. All receipts must be turned in to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  9. All other policies regarding the Baronial account will fall under the policies outlined by the Kindgom Financial Policy.

View or Download the official PDF version of the Red Spears Financial Policy here.