Baronial Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting
19 November 2017

Meeting called to order at 15:31.

Baron/Baroness: Yule feast is upcoming so get your people there. Hi.

Castell Gwent: Not Present.
Catteden: Notes Missing
Hróðgeirsfjörðr: Not present.
Marche of the Marshes: Not Present.
Oakford: Working on members and reduced the number of meetings to once a month to participate with Catteden on A&S.

Seneschal: Still no news on RUM or regular event in May.
Exchequer: Not present. Vote via email to spend money for heraldic submission approved.
Knights Marshal: Reports are due.
Rapier Marshal: Not Present.
Herald: Thanks for getting reports in on time.
Chatalaine: Not Present.
MOAS: Working on setting up A&S activities once a month that moves from Canton to Canton to help improve attendance and includes all areas of the Barony. So far Catteden, Oakford and Castell Gwent are onboard with the idea.
Archery/Thrown: Vote to change office, El'Aria voted to position.
Webminister: Information needs to get to the webminister via email for records. No guessing on events or other things, this needs to be communicated in email not just in passing. Currently there has been no communication on upcomming events, the online calendar is empty.
Chronicler: Not present.
Youth: Not present.


Use funds to submit Baronial awards to have official badges. $40 is approved.
Attending: Uthan Laoch, Baron Konrad Mailander, Baroness Isibel, Isba Grey, Torsten Aricson, Guillaume Gallatini, Angelique de LaRochelle, Hiccup, Roland the Clever.


Financial Committee Meeting Minutes.

Meeting is closed at 16:15.

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