Baronial Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting
26 March 2017

Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm

Baron and Baroness: Get in award recommendations for Day of Ranged.

Castell Gwent: Absent

Catteden:​ Absent

Hróðgeirsfjörðr: New Exchequer: Charity Goering. MOAS, Tyra malla. Nate Goering is Chatelaine.

Marche of the Marshes: New seneschal, Lady Deb. Looking for donations forepairing and updating loaner gear to legal specs.

Oakford: New officers are getting rolling. Should have bank account soon

No new info for Baron Wars.


Polling closed for input for new input and Baroness. 42% return rate. Cost was $135.81. Will be paid to transition officer.

Motion made to pay this, pending proper receipt.
Made by Raphael. Seconded by Papasan.
Motion passed.

Current total is $2850 in bank. Will be switching banks pending approval from Konrad.

Knights Marshal:
Need to start recruiting more fighters. Fighter practices will be going outside as weather improves.

Rapier Marshal:
No rapier Marshall! Regional Marshall would like to see somebody step up. If anybody wants to step up, do so. Will vote on this in May. Email intent to

No new news

Got into Black Swamp Fiber Fair. Good demo. Talked to a lot of people. Paid $25 to join the guild so we can continue to be involved. Bea would like to be reimbursed for this. Benefits include newsletter, on the list for the fiber fest for next year. Will check contract for more information. Uthan requests more info for benefits, and vote will be held in May to reimburse if it is worthwhile.


Day of Ranged is April 15. King will be present, and there will be a court. We have support to do everything we want. Siege crews and Marshalls will be there, as will combat and target archery, and thrown weapons. New site is bigger for fighting. It’s going to be amazing. Promote it. Donation-based entry cost.

OP is updated to a searchable version. Working on getting all names in and updated. Please contact and to help update the OP.

Library cataloged. Will be posted to facebook and emailed to webminister. Looking for more documents and files, etc, to continue digitizing Baronial history.

Chatelaine is opening for election. Bea will not be running for reelection. Francis has put forth his name for election. Bea will continue as Deputy and event coordinator under the Chatelaine. Vote is unopposed. Francis is made Baronial Chatelaine.

Raphael presented award to Alaria from the Kingdom. Award is Purple Fret.

Deb proposed that the Barony match cost for baronial symposium held by Raphael and Margerite, to reimburse their expense. Cost is $150.

Motion is made by Uthan. Second by Bea. Motion passes.

Meeting is closed at 5:25 pm.

In Attendance:
Uthan Loach

Elizabeth Poulson
Kristy Nocolo
Frank Welter

Raffaele de Cernia
Margherita di Raffaele

Juston Griggs
Kristin VanBlarcum

Jack Wymer
Seth Schwartz

Debra Mansor
Matt Ducat

Charity Goehring
Anna Goehring

Edward Goehring
Nate Goehring

Dante Conciapelli
Tiramala Devi

Morgan Rogers
Dawn Kilpatrick

Angelica Cooley
Lynette Cooley

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