Baronial Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting
15 January 2017

In Attendance:

Molly Rogers, Gregory Peth, Dawn Kilpatrick, Aaron Nassif, J. Myriah Crimmins, Dale Niederhauser, Philip Chrysler, Frank Welter, Matt Ducat,  Margaret Chrysler, Juston Griggs, Shane Brandes, Debra Mansor, Corey Gallatin, Mary Mann, Hillary Gregg, Sylvie Michaud

Meeting called to order at 5:31 pm

Uthan: One area of concern brought up by kingdom transition officer:

Castle Gwent and Oakford had not gone through process properly of becoming cantons of the barony. Said there was policy in play that had not been done properly. Oakford is grandfathered in by kingdom court decree. Have not heard back from kingdom if Gwent will be recognized as a canton. They will be polled as either a provisional or full status canton, but only if there is no opposition.

No opposition noted at meeting. Will proceed as such.

Gwent says they also did paperwork for this. Will get this information to Uthan.

Baron and Baroness: Blackstone raids. Pulling things together for a cabin. $20 per person for a bed. If people want, please get this to Margaret so it can be done quickly in order to reserve a space. 10 beds to a room, 4 rooms to a cabin. Trying to get at least one room. Get money no later than end of January.

Castell Gwent: Nobody present to report

Catteden: Adapted financial policy in accordance with kingdom and barony policy. Also secured meeting space. May also be a demo coming up in the future. More info to come soon. Pounce is on for 2017.

Hróðgeirsfjörðr: Nothing new

Marche of the Marshes: Meetings continue as normal. $20 per week for practices. Reserved every week except during Pennsic and Thanksgiving. Park has asked that we potentially do a demo at the park, including feast. Baron Wars planning in full swing. Margaret is now March webmaster. Cowboy asks for backup Exchequer.

Official announcement of those running for Baron and Baroness:

Meister Konrad Mailander and Iosobail Mhic Leoid
Lord Guillaume Gallantini and Lady Angelique de La Rochelle

Lord Dante Conciapelli de Firenze and Lady Tiramala Devi
Lord Piotr Zavilov and Lady Ayla Volquin

Uthan notes exchequer of oakford will fall under Baronial exchequer

Exchequer: Wants a form filled out for items of less than $500 which are canton property such as loaner gear or other canton property.
Barony has $2,250 in checking and $670 in savings
Looking for deputy.

Missing reports for November from some cantons. Has them from Cattaden and the March. Needs them from the others.

Knights Marshal: Practices weekly at the march. Couple times a week at the Fjord. Rapier goes on weekly at the March and the Fjord.

Rapier Marshal: Baronial rapier marshal has been/will be promoted to regional position. Charter allows us to not fill this position of regional officer holds a non-required position. No requirement to fill the local position, as Captain holds both.

Herald: Got reports in from Yule. Nothing else to report.

Uthan notes that Branwyn?s Court Baroness is not on the OP because we are unsure if it is a kingdom level Harold report, or if there was a reporting error. Konrad notes it went in late to the OP, and it just may not have made it in yet.

Chatelain: Not Present

MOAS: Thank you for getting in reports on time. Going to get with Liz in order to get A&S every
month/every three months. Will have more details soon.

Archery/Thrown: Budget for Day of Ranged is $150. Park in Portage at Enright Field (NOT Portage Park in Fostoria). More open for siege and combat archery. More parking. His Majesty has confirmed he will be present. Will likely do kingdom court to alleviate some of the long court that will be at Baron Wars. Park asks that we donate something to them, because they are looking to build a shelter building of some kind. Will vote on this after the event.
Motion made by Guilluame and seconded by Lady Anna to approve budget of $150 for Day of Ranged.
Troll is donation only. Motion carried.
Cooks Guild may do a lunch tavern at Day of Ranged.

Webminister: now redirects to If you put in, it will redirect to the new site address.
Domain renewal is due Jan 28. Is $12. Wants to take that and add it to budget.
Motion made by Raphael. Seconded by Piotr. Motion passes.

Now have official email addresses for officers. We can forward emails from official addresses to personal addresses if this is desired. Can give everybody their address, log in, and forward it, or do it as a group to the respective offices.

Lady Anna notes she is still getting A&S reports. Guillaume will get it taken care of.
Have sites up for Pounce and Day of Ranged. Margaret will handle site for Baron Wars.
Letters of intent will be made available to webminister. Will be published under announcements as well as on the Facebook page.

There was some discussion on Facebook page on getting to know the candidates. Getting feedback on that so that candidates can do some kind of Q&A to the populace. Idea that one time, we should have a face-to-face meeting with the candidates for the populace to ask questions. Contact Uthan or Bea to give input on this. Looking at a meeting at the end of March for this to happen. Probably BG or Perrysburg for this meeting.

Youth Minister: Not present

Updates made to Baronial financial policy. These changes are available on the Baronial website. These keep us in line with Kingdom policies.
Motion made to accept these policies by Dante seconded by Ayla. Motion passes.

Meeting closed at 6:15 pm.

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