Baronial Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting
23 July 2017

Meeting called to order at 14:50.

Baron/Baroness: Rotating Baronial meeting to different cantons as they happen.

Castell Gwent: Not present
Cattaden: Exchequer situation fixed. Need volunteers for Pounce gate.
Hrothgardfjord: Not present
Marche of the Marshes: Not Present
Oakford: Thankful for all the support.

Seneschal: New business
Exchequer: New account was finally set up. Need the final signers.
Knights Marshal: Nothing to report.
Rapier Marshal: Ari voted to position.
Chatalaine: Demo Oct 1.
MOAS: Nothing to report
Archery/Thrown: Gregor appointed to Thrown marshal.
Chronicler: Submit articles for Spearpoint.
Youth: Not present.


Day of Ranged Weapons V date change to April 14th. Vote passes to move everything.
Bid for Martial RUM in May approvial. Vote passes to bid for RUM.
Announcements: Rapier marshals online reporting now available.
Pennsic pity party.
Attending: 21

Meeting is closed at 15:17.

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