Baronial Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting
8 September 2017

Meeting called to order at 15:05.

Baron/Baroness: Event yesterday went well. Yule Feast next event for barony. Bid for regional A&S Faire.

Castell Gwent: Event went well. No major issues.
Catteden: Pounce had 63 attendees, broke even on event. Trying to do joint activities between cantons.
Hróðgeirsfjörðr: Not present
Marche of the Marshes: Not Present
Oakford: Discussing recruiting issues.

Seneschal: Address issues of communication.
Exchequer: Mauals are available for the canton exchequers.
Knights Marshal: Fighting attendance has been light at Marche meetings.
Rapier Marshal: Ari appoined by Warder Craidd as regional to fill his position as baronial during his stead as Regional Marshal.
Herald: No Report.
Chatalaine: Demo last week at Toledo Reformation Church. Fighting and A&S demoed.
MOAS: Looking to get scribal help for scrolls. Their Majesties are doing a Tournament of Arts during their reign and will take place at Pentamere 12th Night event.
Archery/Thrown: Office opened for applicants.
Webminister: Web page is broke, announcements section can not be accessed by the seneschal now; working on a resolution. Online court report and award reccomendation system coming in the near future.
Chronicler: Not present.
Youth: Not present.


Secession of territory for incipient Shire out of Lima. Red Spears would not be the sponsoring group, Flaming Gryffon would be taking that role. Motion to secceed territory with the addition of getting the territory back should the group ever loose its status, motion passes.
Motion to appoint Margaretta as official Deputy Exchequer Passes.
Announcements: Review of the books for each group must be completed by regional exchequer.
Attending: Uthan Laoch, Konrad Mailander, Isibel, Isba, Hiccup, Jerusha (incipient canton rep), Guillaume, Angelique, Rhiannon, Roland, Hedwig, Steve the Silent, Beatrix, Ari, Ann, Charles.


Financial Committee Meeting Minutes.
Discussed putting an event on the kingdom calendar for May 12th with a TBD for title, will depend if martial RUM bid is approved.
If martial RUM is approved it was discussed that the general misc. Funds in the budget be used for adding to lunch tavern for RUM.

Meeting is closed at 15:59.

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