Baronial Meeting Minutes

Baronial Meeting
25 March 2018

Meeting called to order at 15:45.

Officers Present:
Seneschal: Uthan Laoch
Exchequer: Margherita di Raffaele
Chronicler: Rowland the Clever
MOAS: Angelique de La Rochelle
Knights Marshal: Rafaelle di Cernia
Regional Rapier Marshal: Lleng Crede
Webminister: Guillaume Gallatini
His Excellency: Konrad Mailander
Her Excellency: Isibél inghean Uilliam mhic Leòid

Populace Present:
Fatima bint Malik
Hiccup (Haraldr inn havi)
Torsten Aricson

Cantons Present:
Marche of the Marshes

Baron/Baroness - Their Excellencies:
Day of Ranged Weapons in two weeks. Award recommendations for May event need to be in end of April.

Castell Gwent: Not Present

Last Sunday Catteden hosted the traveling A&S.

A&S nights are going well, they have definitely helped improve attendance. Still meeting from 7-10p at the church.

Marche of the Marshes:
Needs to find a new site for meetings by August. BiG Fab Lab is on the table. If that doesn’t work out please keep places in mind.

Event in May. Need to borrow a sunshade, Catteden offers. Need to borrow archery loaner gear.

Senschal's Report:
The officers discussed via email to spend $150 to buy spears for baronial loaner gear. This was done this way because of being at Gulf Wars with the vendor who carried them, actually only spent $140 after negotiation with the vendor.

Exchequer's Report:
Finishing the report for February with no changes. Signatories sheet updated to reflect proper individuals are on the account. $3630.50 total funds in holding. Pursuivant's Report:
Reports due by end of month.

Chatelaine's Report:
Oliver van de Woude is now officially the Chatelaine for the Barony.

MOAS' Report:
Red Spears represented at Regional A&S with Angelique being put up for Kingdom.

Regional Rapier Marshal Report:
Rapier practice is regular at Marche meeting. We now have a authorized youth rapier marshal (Fatima bint Malik)

Knight's Marshal Report:
Normal fight practice at Marche meeting.

Archery Marshal Report:
Day of Ranged Weapons in April.

Webminister's Report:
Special financial committee notes are online. New section about the Red Spears history coming soon.

Chronicler's Report:
April newsletter will be available. Rowland has written a song for Pennsic that he will be sharing the words for in the newsletter.

Youth: (Dean of Page School)
Page school has been revised, more info to follow shortly. If you know anyone interested in getting their kids into the page school contact Artemisia.

Old Business
Addressed during officer reports.

His Excellency needs to be reimbursed for $40 for heraldic submissions for the baronial awards and $12 for the Domain Name Registration renewal.


Meeting Adjourned at 16:35

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