Current Red Spears Baronial Officers




Contact information**

SeneschalSeneschalLord Uthan Laochseneschal {at}
redspears.seneschal {at}
ExchequerExchequerBurden De'nall (Matt Ducat)exchequer {at}
redspears.exchequer {at}
HeraldPursuivantLady El'Aria a'Figheherald {at}
redspears.herald {at}
ChroniclerChroniclerLord Francis Longinus Scipiochronicler {at}
redspears.chronicler {at}
Arts and SciencesMinister of Arts & ScienceLady Angelique de Larochellemoas {at}
redspears.moas {at}
Knights MarshalKnights MarshalBaron Raffaele da Cerniaarmored {at}
redspears.marshal {at}
Rapier MarshalRapier MarshalVacantrapier {at}
redspears.rapier {at}
Archery MarshalArchery/Thrown Weapons MarshalLord Uthan Laocharchery {at}
redspears.archery {at}
ChatelaineChatelaineLord Francis Longinus Scipiochatelaine {at}
redspears.chatelaine {at}
WebministerWebministerLord Guillaume Gallatiniwebminister {at}
redspears.webminister {at}
Youth MinisterYouth MinisterLady Artemisia Volterayouth {at}
redspears.youth {at}

** Note: Both e-mail addresses work for any of the officers. You need to only send to one of the listed e-mail addresses.