Baronial Charter & Map

Barony of Red Spears Charter & Policies

ENACTED 9/22/2002, AMENDED 3/2006, AMENDED 8/2006, AMENDED 10/18/2009, AMENDED 2014, AMENDED 5/2016, AMENDED 11/2016

Preamble: We, the people of the Barony of Red Spears, do hereby ordain and establish this Charter and Policies to establish policies and procedures to better order the affairs of this land of Red Spears.

We declare these lands to be a Barony in the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The name of this Group shall be “Red Spears, Barony of ” and the Arms of the Barony of Red Spears shall be: “Or, two boar spears in saltire surmounted by another palewise gules, overall a laurel wreath vert” as registered within the Society. The Baronial lands range from the lands from the Region of Pentemere in the north to the lands of Middle Marches in the south and from the Shires of Falcon’s Quarry and Barony of Brendoken in the east to the region of Constellation in the west. In common parlance, this shall be understood to encompass in the State of Ohio, the counties of Williams, Defiance, Van Wert, Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Wood, Putnam, Allen, Paulding, and Hancock, Ottawa, Sandusky, Huron, Erie, Seneca, Wyandot Co. as designated by the Kingdom as the following zip codes:
43316, 43359, 43402, 43403, 43406, 43407, 43410, 43412, 43413, 43414, 43420, 43431, 43433, 43434, 43435, 43436, 43437, 43438, 43439, 43440, 43441, 43442, 43443, 43445, 43446, 43447, 43449, 43450, 43451, 43452, 43456, 43457, 43458, 43460, 43462, 43463, 43464, 43465, 43466, 43467, 43468, 43469, 43501, 43502, 43504, 43505, 43506, 43510, 43511, 43512, 43515, 43516, 43517, 43518, 43519, 43520, 43521, 43522, 43523, 43524, 43525, 43526, 43527, 43528, 43529, 43530, 43531, 43532, 43533, 43534, 43535, 43536, 43537, 43540, 43541, 43542, 43543, 43545, 43547, 43548, 43549, 43550, 43551, 43552, 43553, 43554, 43555, 43556, 43557, 43558, 43560, 43565, 43566, 43567, 43569, 43570, 43571, 43601, 43602, 43603, 43604, 43605, 43606, 43607, 43608, 43609, 43610, 43611, 43612, 43613, 43614, 43615, 43616, 43617, 43618, 43619, 43620, 43623, 43624, 43635, 43652, 43654, 43656, 43657, 43659, 43660, 43661, 43666, 43667, 43681, 43682, 43697, 43699, 44089, 44802, 44804, 44811, 44814, 44816, 44817, 44818, 44824, 44826, 44830, 44836, 44837, 44839, 44841, 44844, 44846, 44847, 44850, 44851, 44853, 44855, 44857, 44865, 44867, 44870, 44871, 44882, 44883, 44888, 44889, 44890, 45801, 45802, 45804, 45805, 45807, 45808, 45809, 45813, 45814, 45815, 45816, 45817, 45820, 45821, 45827, 45830, 45831, 45832, 45833, 45837, 45838, 45839, 45840, 45841, 45844, 45848, 45849, 45851, 45853, 45854, 45855, 45856, 45858, 45861, 45863, 45864, 45867, 45868, 45872, 45873, 45874, 45875, 45876, 45877, 45879, 45880, 45881, 45886, 45887, 45889, 45890, 45891, 45893, 45894, 45897, 45898, 45899.
Within the parlance of the Society, we declare our Barony to be a free and equal association of the cantons, shires, and marches within its boundaries, beginning with the Marche of Marshes, Canton of Hróðgeirsfjörðr, Shire of Oakford, Canton of Catteden, and Shire of Gastell Gwent, and others as they are formed or incorporated into the Barony (all associated groups hereinafter referred to as cantons for the documents).
As this Barony is a branch of the Society, we are mindful of the responsibilities incumbent upon us toward the Society as a whole. As such we freely acknowledge that all the gentles in our Barony are subject to relevant regulations and laws of the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Middle Kingdom; and that in the event of conflict, Society rulings supersede Kingdom. Furthermore, we also acknowledge our responsibilities to civil authority, and recognize that civil law shall supersede both Society and Kingdom laws. In case of conflict, the higher authority will take precedence.
As Cantons are branches of the Barony, they will be mindful of the responsibilities incumbent upon them toward the Barony. They will be subject to the relevant regulations and laws of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Middle Kingdom and the polices within this Charter; and that in the event of conflict, the precedence of authority shall be: Society, Kingdom, Barony, Canton. Furthermore, civil authority shall supersede as set forth by Society and Kingdom laws.
Red Spears’ Baron and/or Baroness will serve for a term as set by Kingdom Law. The Baron and/or Baroness may step down at anytime without prejudice.
The appointed Baron and/or Baroness duties and responsibilities are listed in Corpora Article V and Middle Kingdom Law Article XV.
Officers of the Barony:
All Baronial Officers and deputies shall comply with Corpora and Kingdom Law regarding their office.
Baronial Officers will consist of the: Seneschal, Exchequer, Pursuivant, Chronicler and at least one of the following, Minister of Arts and Sciences or a warranted Marshal.
Officers that may be considered part of the Baronial Curia if available:
Knights Marshal, Rapier Marshal, Archery/Thrown Weapons Marshal, Chatelaine, and Webminister. If a member of the populace holds a regional officer position of one of the previous non-required positions, that office will remain vacant until the regional officer is no longer a member of the populace.
Baronial Officers are strongly encouraged to have a deputy that can assume their duties immediately in the event the officer can no longer perform their required duties.
The office of Seneschal and Exchequer are required to have deputies.
Non-Curia Deputy Officer positions that may be appointed and by which Curia Officers:
The members of curia may appoint as needed: Quartermaster, Minister of Youth, Equestrian, Hound Coursing Marshal and any other on as the need arises. If the need is no longer present the office will be dissolved.
Seneschal will appoint a Webminister. May also appoint Historian as needed.
Knights Marshal may appoint: Youth Marshal, Combat Archery Marshal, Siege Marshal.
Rapier Marshal may appoint: Cut and Thrust Marshal, Youth Marshal.
The method of appointment will be determined by the Curia officer and at least two other Curia members.
All Baronial Officers and deputies are required to have a stable mailing address, reliable telephone access and meet the requirements set forth by the Kingdom and Society. E-mail access is required.
Baronial Officers are expected to meet with their corresponding Canton Officers and will be expected to guide their respective officers in their respective duties.
All Canton Officers will send a copy of their report to the corresponding Baronial Officer. All Baronial Officers and deputies (if assigned), and group Seneschals will send a copy of their report to the Baronial Seneschal, failure to report on time twice consecutively or three times non-consecutively will result in loss of officer position. Replacement will be selected by the corresponding Baronial officer.
The Seneschal shall gather all items for the agenda of the Baronial meetings.
Any member of the Populace may submit an item for the agenda to the Seneschal at least one week in advance of the meeting date.
If, due to time constraints, an agenda item cannot be addressed, it shall be given priority at the next meeting or a special meeting.
The Seneschal will maintain access to the Baronial website and will approve content for the website.
Officer Changeovers
Baronial Officers wishing to leave office should announce their intention to do so to the Baronial Seneschal or at a Baronial meeting.
Openings should be listed as soon as possible by the Seneschal on the Baronial website in accordance with Kingdom Law.
Canton Seneschals shall be informed of open Baronial offices and are asked to announce the opening at the next regularly scheduled Canton meeting.
Individuals wishing to apply for a Baronial office are requested to submit an application letter to the Baronial Seneschal, and Baron/Baroness.
Application Letters must include the following as a minimum:
SCA and Modern name
Contact information i.e. address, phone and e-mail
Proof of membership
An outline of previous experience, qualifications, and other information pertaining to the office is also recommended.
The Baronial Seneschal will acknowledge receipt of the application. If the applicant doesn’t receive acknowledgment that each are in receipt of their application, they should contact the Baronial Seneschal and Baron/Baroness to reapply. No application is official until the receipt of it has been acknowledged by the Baronial Seneschal. A deadline for applying will be posted, no applications will be considered valid if submitted after the deadline.
If there is more than one applicant for the open office then the candidate recommended to Regional and Kingdom superior for the office shall be determined by a polling of the populace present at the Baronial meeting where the recommendation is to be decided.
Upon deciding which candidate will be chosen to fill the office, the change of officer form will be completed and sent to Regional and Kingdom superior for the office as soon as possible and will assume responsibility of said office immediately.
Outgoing officers are strongly recommended to work with their replacement to ease the transition.
Terms of office for all officers serving in the Barony of Red Spears shall be three years. At the end of three years the office will be opened to all applicants.
Officers may resign at any time without prejudice.
All required officers’ terms should be staggered so that all offices would not become vacant at one time.
There is no limit to the number of terms an individual may serve in an office.
Officers required to open an office may declare, at the time of opening, intent to serve consecutive terms without the need to formally apply.
If an officer misses three consecutive Baronial meetings the officer may be replaced without prejudice regardless of the time served.
The populace may vote to suspend the attendance requirement for the duration of the term of office after the third missed meeting.
Removal from office is pursuant to Kingdom Law. Anyone who believes that an officer is not fulfilling the duties of their office may contact that officer’s chain of command.
This procedure is for the smooth transfer of offices. In the case that a required office is immediately left vacant an acting officer will be recommended to Kingdom to serve until the officer selection process can be completed.
The only exception to this rule will be the office of the Signet. The Office of Signet will be appointed by the Baron/Baroness with the approval of the Seneschal. The Signet may resign the appointed position without prejudice at anytime.
Baronial Property
The Supervision of Baronial property shall fall under the realm of the offices of Exchequer and Seneschal.
A Quartermaster of Baronial Property may be a chosen by vote of the Curia.
Inventory: The Baronial Exchequer, Baronial Seneschal, and appointed Quartermaster, will keep an inventory of all items purchased, donated, or otherwise acquired and considered Baronial property.
Baronial Inventory will consist of a minimum of the following information:
Name or description of each different item.
Quantity of the listed item the Barony possesses.
The storage location of each item in inventory.
Whether item is consumable and non-consumable.
Resulting inventory will be made available to the Populace at a Baronial meeting and/or published in the Spearpoint annually.
New acquisitions should be added to the inventory lists immediately.
The Inventory may also be made available online.
Any items in need of repair, replacement, or disposal will be set aside until the matter can be reviewed with the Populace at the next Baronial meeting.
Repair, replacement or acquisition of Baronial Property shall fall under Baronial Financial Policy.
Arrangements for the storage of the Baronial property are the responsibility of the aforementioned officers and/or the appointed deputy. The Officers are not required to store the property personally, but must know where it is and arrange for its availability when needed. The Officers are not personally liable for the loss or damage to property.
Distribution and use
Requests for use/loan of Baronial property by individuals of the Populace must be made to the Baronial Quartermaster within a reasonable length of time and approved by vote of the Curia or populace.
All items borrowed and returned shall be listed and borrower and issuer shall sign an inventory form.
Anyone wishing to hold a Baronial-sponsored event is required to submit an event bid including a proposed budget to the Baronial Seneschal a minimum of three (3) months prior to the month the event is to be held.
The bid will be presented at the next Baronial meeting for acceptance or rejection.
Proto-incipient and incipient groups hosting an event sponsored by the Barony must complete a Sponsoring Organization form before the event will be announced in the Pale.
Baronial Championships
Each Baronial Championship may be held nominally once a year.
The methods of selecting a champion and what champions will be selected shall be determined by the Baron/Baroness.
The type and requirements of competition the Champions shall be announced at least four (4) weeks prior to the Championship.
Baronial Awards and Honors
To create and bestow awards is the privilege of the Royalty and the Territorial Baronage.
The Barony has created the following awards that may be bestowed by the Red Spears Baronage and/or the Crown of the Middle Kingdom, from whom they hold these lands in fief, as they see fit.
Order of the Boarsbane (OB): Given for merit in service to the Barony, the arts and sciences, or the arts of combat.
Commander of the Order of the Boarsbane (CoB): Given for achievement in service, arts and science, and the combat arts.
Orde van de Zuil (OZ): Given for outstanding service to the Barony of Red Spears.
Order of the Ruby Chalice (ORCh): Given for skill and service to the Barony in the arts and sciences. Badge: Or, a covered crystal chalice between flaunches gules.
Order of the Hildisvin (OH): Given for skill and service to the Barony in armored combat. Badge: (Fieldless) A boar statant atop a Norman helm Or.
Order of the Boars Eye (OBE): Given for skill and service to the Barony in archery. Badge: (Fieldless) A boar’s head couped close gules holding in its mouth a sheaf of five arrows Or barbed and flighted gules.
Order of l’Épée Rouge (OER): Given for skill and service to the Barony in rapier.
Order of the Hastati (OHa): Baronial spirit award, awarded once a year.
Barons Honour Guard (BHG): Highest level Baronial fighting award. Badge: (Fieldless) A winged boar’s head erased Or, wings elevated and addorsed argent.
Sisterhood of the Red Spear (SoS): Responsible for organizing projects to assist each Queen during her reign. Badge: (Fieldless) On a boarspear head gules a rose Or.
Order of the Boars Heart (OBH): Given for hard work and service at events.
Order of the Golden Shoe (OGS): Given for skill and service to the Barony in equestrian activities.
Award of the Boar and Gem (ABG): Baronial youth award given for service, arts and sciences or martial activities.
Compagnia dei Porci Rossi (CPR): Given to groups for service to the Barony.
For purposes of establishing a Baronial Order of Precedence the Baronial awards shall rank below all Kingdom level awards. The BHG, OZ, ORCh shall be of equal precedence and rank above the OH, OBE, OER, and OGS which shall be of equal precedence and rank above the CoB which shall rank above the OB which shall rank above the OHa, SoS, and OBH which shall have no precedence.
Other awards may be established in accordance with Corpora VIII. C.
Changes to Charter and Policies
When deemed necessary or requested by a members of the Populace, the Barony shall vote to open the Charter and Policies to revision.
The Seneschal shall be responsible for amending the charter.
Any proposed changes or revision shall be published to the Populace for review and comment.
Changes shall be made by a vote of 2/3 of the Populace attendant at the next Baronial meeting after the proposed change is published.
The Charter and Policies shall remain open until the Kingdom accepts Revision.