Event Planning


Attached is a checklist to help with event planning. It focuses on advertising the event but has a couple other necessary things to start.

Get your dates on the calendar as early as possible.

If you put it on the calendar then it should have an ad in The Pale, at least once and preferably more than once. It no longer costs extra to run it multiple months. We are at the crossroads of the Kingdom and the Crown has a habit of dropping by, they need a Pale ad to hold court. Ads need to be in TWO months before the issue they appear in.

Get a website up and filled with info asap and link it to the calendar. This is where most people go for info. From a number of conversations it seems two months out is a deadline for having complete info for a lot of people looking at events and is a good guideline. Try not to have empty sections by then.

Create a Facebook ad on the SCA Kingdom of the Middle group. This advertises your event to nearly 5000 people and keeps reminding them of the event, and makes it easy to pull up the directions with a phone. It is probably the best advertising tool you have.
Do NOT use it as substitute for a web page though. It should never be linked to the calendar in place of a webpage (a couple other groups did this recently).

We want all the events in the Barony to be a success and good advertising helps with that. I am working on an article on marketing events and will share that when it is done.

If you have questions or would like help let me know.

Baron Konrad

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