Meeting Minutes


Minutes for the Barony of Red Spears JULY Meeting at Woodland Park, Perrysburg, OH, 1-3pm on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

Seneschal Arina opened the Baronial Meeting 1:27 pm

Roll Call of Officers Present: Baroness, Seneschal, Rapier Marshal, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Web Minister, Marshes Canton Seneschal

Not Present: Exchequer, Herald, MoAS, Fjordr Canton Seneschal

Old Business: Summarized notes from the June meeting

New Business and Announcements: The Charter committee will meet briefly after the business meeting today.

Officer Reports

The Exchequer – no report

The Herald – no report

The Rapier Marshall reported that Pennsic will have a water buffalo but not the one-gallon jugs of water. Looking for large water coolers and people to help fill them. Everyone should bring their own drinking vessel to the fields, but we can also provide disposable cups. No shared drinking straws allowed.

The Chatelaine – the Wooster Green Demo is coming up this weekend July 16th. Set up starts at 1pm and we can do sparring since this isn’t a rally or protest, but kids are no longer allowed to whack anyone. A social media ‘event’ will be posted tonight to get the news out and gauge attendance. The new deputy baronial Chatelaine is Maestra Anna Reimer von Wolfenbüttel who has agreed to step up as Chatelaine sometime next year.

The MoAS reported that there is a lot going on at events. Let an MoAS know If you are teaching anything anywhere, that’s one of the items the kingdom is collecting on reports.

The Chronicler reported the July-August newsletter will be out shortly, and is requesting short items for future newsletters such as art, word searches or something fun. Still looking for a deputy. Still having trouble accessing the email. There is no budget for mailing the newsletter, but if anyone wants a print version, arrangements can be made.

Webminister reports that the website is up to date and working OK.

Baroness’ Report:

  • There are ongoing plans for retrieving various baronial items from around the barony.
  • No Baronial Courts will happen at Pennsic, and it is too late to get in award recs for Pennsic, but do keep sending in baronial award recs directly to the baroness’ email. Use the kingdom award rec form for kingdom awards. Note – the Augmentation award of the Beacon is still being given out this reign, but may not be for much longer. The Beacon needs to be entered into the recommendation form as OTHER, then write in Augmentation – Beacon.
  • There will be a baronial ice cream social at Pennsic, probably Monday of War Week.

The Marshes Seneschal reports NORAD went well and the post-event evaluation meeting has happened on what worked and what improvements could be made. The demo at Wooster Green on BGSU campus is next weekend as the Chatelaine reported. A Search for Baron Wars sites is ongoing. Talk to Oliver if you have leads on fairgrounds or Otto if you have leads on campgrounds. The tentative date is June 2023 pending site availability. The lesson learned from NORAD is do more and better advertising for Baron Wars.

The Fjordr Seneschal reports that Rolf will be an event steward for Yule and discussions are happening on a day in December when we can use the meeting site for the event. Expect more news after Pennsic. Rolf has also agreed to take on Exchequer since the current exchequer is moving out of the barony. The three upcoming canton meetings are focusing on Pennsic Prep – a sewing machine will be available for last minute projects and the Baroness will be doing a class on How to Wear Roman.

The next business meeting will be on Zoom, Wednesday evening after Pennsic ends, August 17 at 7:30pm. There will be a Baronial Picnic on Sunday, August 21, 1-3 pm in Woodland Park, Perrysburg, at or near the large pavilion, and we will grab one of the grills.

Meeting adjourned at 2:01 pm.

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