Meeting Minutes


Barony of Red Spears, Meeting at Way Library in Perrysburg, OH, on Sunday, March 13, 2022

Seneschal Arina Aldea de la Iacului opened the Baronial Meeting at 1:20 pm

Roll Call of Officers Present: Baroness, Seneschal, Deputy Seneschal, Chronicler, Rapier Marshal, Chatelaine, Exchequer, Marshes Canton Seneschal, Marshes Event Steward, Seneschal of the Incipient Shire of Grenemere

Not Present: Herald, MoAS, Rattan Marshal, Web Minister, Fjord Canton Seneschal, Deputy Exchequer

Officer Reports
SeneschalThe new SCA form was completed. February minutes were read. Nate agreed to be the Deputy Seneschal until someone else takes the role.

Herald: Not Present. Nothing new to report.

Exchequer: No change in the balance. Line items are General Fund $2,450.96, Baronial Cook’s Guild $36.96, Children’s Fund $125.50, and account balance from Catteden $4,761.45.  Catteden money will be held for Catteden until July 2022.

Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS): Not Present. Sent word that The Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) in February went well. Videos of most of the classes are now posted online at the Royal University of the Midrealm – RUM Youtube.

Upcoming event: Tournament of the Arts will be April 30, 2022, at The Dragon’s Hoard event in Dragonsmark. This is a chance for one-on-one discussion and feedback on A&S projects. The new criteria for Kingdom A&S Fair are available at the Kingdom MOAS page. There are lots of opportunities for A&S in the kingdom. 

Web Minister: Not present. Nothing new to report. The Spearpoint newsletter has been posted.

Chatelaine: Looking for a deputy. There is a new push to promote the program “Year and a Day” which is for shadowing officers or other mentors in an interest group.

Chronicler: The current newsletter is on the website. This year the publishing schedule will be every two or three months. Topics for upcoming issues were discussed:

·         Projects and topics of interest: more detailed than a social media post but less detailed than a research paper. Typically, a newsletter articles would be in the range of less than a page to a page and a half long.

·         Tier 2 Covid Protocols

·         Officers writing about their office especially if looking for a deputy

·         Baronial History

·         Canton news and announcements

·         Charter review

·         Quartermaster / Baronial Inventory


Rattan: Not present; no report.  Report to kingdom was done. The cantons have been having practices when a marshal is present, so most Tuesdays in the Fjordr, and some Thursdays in the Marshes.

Rapier: Present. Looking for a deputy (has to be an authorized rapier marshal). Practices are happening on Thursdays in the Marshes, but have been unable to make Tuesdays for Fjordr meetings.  An armor repair night still being planned to fix the loaner gear. The focus this year is rebuilding the community. Talk to her at Marshes’ practices or social media if interested in rapier, becoming a marshal, or becoming a deputy.

Primary message: Watch your calibration!

Upcoming event: Grand Tournament of the Dragon, April 23, 2022, Butler County Fairgrounds, north of Cincinnati.

Archery and/or Thrown Weapons: position is still open

Marshes Seneschal: Meetings continue to be held at the old Bowling Green mall site; the entrance to use for the small gym on the south-east side of the gym is not well lit. Dance is going well, led by Lady Rose at meetings on the first Thursdays of the month, around 8pm. Rapier did drills at the recent meeting. The large gym empties by 8:30 so that becomes available to use. A demo in The Green Space in Bowling Green is being planned.

Fjordr Seneschal: Not Present. Sent word that there will be fighter practice at meeting on March 15th, but the Church is hosting a rummage sale so there will be no fighter practice March 22, 29 or April 5. March 22, Lady Heather is teaching drop spinning. March 29 and April 5 meetings will be at the Church, but upstairs in a meeting room.

Event Steward Reports:

Baronial Wars: Otto isstill trying to confirm a site so the date has been pushed to 2023.

NORAD on the Marche: On the kingdom calendar for June 25, 2022. Talk to Capt. Crede to help with the event; many positions available. The new baronial seneschal needs a current update.

Oliver, as Baronial A&S Champion, will be hosting a challenge to bring your best COVID project. There will be judging involved.

Baronial Report: The baroness will be at several upcoming events in March and April including Grand Tournament of the Dragon April 23.

·         Baronial court is planned for the outdoor baronial meeting May 1 and will start after 1:30pm. Send baronial award recommendations now for the May 1 court to the baroness at redspears dot org email.  Will have food.

·         Will post to the baronial Facebook and Discord as news happens

·         Send kingdom awards recommendations to kingdom through the new award rec form on the page.

Old Business:

·         Still gathering baronial items from storage locations. The baroness is still looking for steward(s) and site for a Spring and/or Fall (after Pennsic) outdoor event. 

·         No news from the Shire of Grenemere

New Business:

Covid protocols changed March 7, 2022, for the Society and kingdom. The kingdom seneschal letters are posted on

·         Midrealm is now at Tier 2 for CovidSafe and food rules

·         No longer required to mask indoors. Masks are optional at events indoors and out.

·         No longer required to collect contact tracing

·         No longer required to use pre-registration for weekend events

·         Still posting the risk disclaimer

·         Still have a form to fill out: the attestation that a covid vaccine card or doctor-verified negative covid test was checked by an officer

Baronial Charter Review was discussed. The small group charter task force to review the charter includes the baroness, the baronial and canton seneschals, and the baronial exchequer. Additional help is welcome.

Procedure: The charter task force will present proposed updates for comment by the populace at two in-person meetings and post on-line (baronial and canton websites, baronial Facebook group, and baronial Discord server). After comment and updates are made, the final proposed charter wording will be voted on by the populace. The charter is currently posted on the baronial web page under Charter and Maps.

Focus Areas for review

·         Compare baronial and canton offices to kingdom requirements

·         Quartermaster inventory

·         Events

·         Awards and order of precedence appear to be OK for now

Portal updates are done by regional officers and are long out of date.

The baronial MiddleWiki has been updated.

The push for this summer is to get active again, have the officers and deputies needed to stay viable.

Date for the next baronial meeting is 1-3pm April 10th meeting will be in Meeting Room A at the Way Library in Perrysburg. On May 1st meet at Woodland Park in Perrysburg 1-3pm.  From June to this Fall we will be meeting on the 2nd Sunday of the month, 1-3pm, outdoors at Woodland Park. Meeting adjourned at 2:28.

Minutes Archives Located in Baronial Newsletters Here