Meeting Minutes


Minutes for the Barony of Red Spears business meeting, April 16, 2023 at Way Public Library. If anyone would like to discuss something from the previous meetings, contact the seneschal.

Meeting started at 1:07 pm. Present: Baroness, Seneschal, Exchequer, MoAS, Chronicler, Marshes Seneschal, Fjord Seneschal

·         Seneschal – The deadline to apply for the Red Spears baronage is 11:59pm March 25

·         Baroness – a site is needed in the next 30 days to host the baronial investiture. Terpsichore is the next event the baronial presence will be at. Their majesties have a largess request for AoA circlets.

·         Exchequer – no changes, and have been in touch with Kingdom.

·         MoAS – Stuff is happening in the Cantons at meetings. The North Oaken Regional Craftsman’s Fair deadline was extended. Pax agreed to be deputy MoAS.

·         Fjordr – Upcoming classes are T-Tunics after the business meeting, making natural deodorant, making scotch eggs, dessert revel, and leather working. Meetings and practices have good turnout with around 8-12 or more in classes. The meeting may change due to the site’s rummage sale set up but the date hasn’t been set yet, and the site has been paid up for the whole year.

·         Chronicler – The next Spearpoint will be the May/Summer issue. Bianca has agreed to be the deputy chronicler after the baronial changeover. Meeting notes are being posted to the web as well as put in the newsletter.

·         Marshes – First Thursdays are dance practice. There is a good population for rapier and rattan armored practices. Nathan is a cut and thrust instructor in town for part of this year. The exchequer report was finally finalized, and the exchequer needs a deputy so that they may step down this year. Have leads but still looking for an event site.

·         Chatelaine – Bea is stepping up as Chatelaine

·         Herald – needs a replacement as soon as possible

·         Marshals – Ari for Rapier Marshall, Sivrid for Heavy Marshal if can step down as MoAS

·         New Business –

o   Planning is underway for Sivrid’s elevation at Grand Tournament of the Dragon in late April

o   Leofric offered his yard for tent set-up testing once the weather warms up

o   Baronial Bench sponsorship at Midrealm Royal: replace/repair the two broken benches

o   Pennsic bus stop bench sponsorship is a separate bench thing coordinated through Silver Tree Souc: Aislin proposed and Otto seconded with unanimous approval to sponsor a bench for $75 with a work day at Aethelmarc war practice.

o   Gulf Wars follow up – the barony was well represented with Aisin and Sivrid part of a team that received the Dragon’s Teeth award. Warder Allen (fencing) and Leofric (armor) fought in the Rose Tourney.

o   Storage Unit – sturdy shelving is needed. Otto will price out shelving at a few stores

·         Old Business – The revised charter is being forwarded on to Kingdom

Adjourned 1:41 pm. Next meeting: April 16 at Way Library.


Minutes for the Barony of Red Spears business meeting, April 16, 2023 at Way Public Library. If anyone would like to discuss something from the previous meetings, contact the seneschal.

Meeting started at 1:07 pm. Present: Seneschal, Exchequer, MoAS, Chronicler, Chatelaine, Marshes Seneschal, Fjord Seneschal

·         Seneschal – Do the poll! Kingdom needs a certain percentage of the barony to respond to be valid. Will pin the link to the poll in the Q&A zoom chat tonight. Will get paper copies of the poll to people who need paper copies.

·         Baroness – The barony had a great turnout for Terpsichore. Please complete your poll soon! Their majesties still need AoA circlets. Congratulations to Lord Pax on their AoA.

·         Exchequer – we’ve still got money. Do the poll!

·         Chronicler – The next Spearpoint will be the May/Summer issue coming out in early May. There’s still time to submit content. Do the poll!

·         MoAS – The Midrealm no longer does regional A&S tournaments, only the kingdom level which will be at Crown at the end of May. The rules and docs for the kingdom arts and sciences tournament can be found on the kingdom page. Change of officer paperwork will be done this week with Pax. Do the poll!

·         Fjordr – Meetings are happening. The baronial candidates had a question-and-answer session last week. This week Leofric is teaching leatherwork and Durange will be at practice. Next week is open. In May Aldread is leading Robin Hood themed activities, Sausage making with Myrah, Dorothea is making Norse hoods, Pax is leading a discussion on how to be an ally. Rattan practice happens weekly, and rapier when Ari can be there. Do the poll!

·         Marshes – Black Swamp War Games is on the calendar for June 3 at Hancock co fairgrounds. Ongoing discussion of plans for the event. Marshes meeting will not be moving any time soon, the rattan and rapier practice is every week, and dance is the first Thursday of the month. Will work with Pax to bring in more classes. Do the poll!

·         Chatelaine – After Black Swamp War Games in June, there is a demo at the ‘Be Excellent Festival’ demo at Lourdes College. Amptgard and others will be doing combat demos, Bea is checking on electricity and a tent for hosting period games. Planning is underway. Do the poll!

·         Herald – needs and applicant to replace Dame Magrat. Do the poll!

·         Old Business – Do the poll!

o   Plans for Sivrid’s elevation April 29 at ToD, and BSWG June 3 already discussed

o   Leofric is checking on a weekend date to set up and check the baronial tents

·         New Business –

o   West Winds Archery Range in Toledo is open for the outdoor season. Sivrid and Dorothea will be going over regularly for practice. Dorothea is almost finished with the archery marshal warrant process.

o   Baronial presence at Pennsic is likely to be in the War Hogs camp on the Serengeti

o   Former Canton Castel Gwent (Tiffin, OH) is preparing paperwork to re-organize as an incipient Canton with the backing of the Barony.

Adjourned at 2:10pm. The next meeting will be a cookout May 21 at Woodland Park, Perrysburg, OH.

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