Meeting Minutes

Seneschal Veoreos Miklos opened the Baronial Meeting 1:39 pm, 1/17/2021
Roll Call of Officers: Present: Seneschal, Exchequer, Chronicler, Web Minister, Canton seneschals
For the position of Deputy Seneschal, Arina is stepping up with paperwork in process. Review of
the November meeting Minutes had no additions or corrections. Thanks were given to Phaedra
for facilitating the web presence in 2020 for the barony and cantons. Thanks for Yule Feast

Account balance as of 12/31/2020 was $8149.90 with the following line items: General Fund
$3243.52, Baronial Cook’s Guild $36.96, Children’s Fund $125.50, and account balance from
Catteden $4,761.45 (the former Canton of Catteden monies will be held in reserve for the
future re-formed group for one year from the time SCA resumes official in-person activity.)
Vote: Aislin to be deputy exchequer – unanimous approval.

Web Minister
There is a new website thanks to the kingdom server change that is now on wordpress. Thanks
to Marguerite and Bill for their role in the changeover. Site is now secure. New contact form has
been implemented. Slowly updating the OP. Use the web minister email for any comments,
updates, broken links, issues, questions. Moving to having the Marshes hosting their own
Thursday zoom meetings and preparing for re-opening later in the year.

Fjord Seneschal
We have gotten the OK/permission for forms to be digitally signed due to Covid. New officers:
Rolf for chatelaine, Sivrid for MOAS, Konrad for Herald. MOAS email is not yet working but the
others are. Yule Feast went well, around 50 in attendance through the day, and everyone
enjoyed the bardic and is looking forward to more.

The November minutes are posted on the baronial webpage and in the December newsletter.
The baronial web page has the new Spearpoints, and email the chronicler @ with
fun things so they don’t get lost on Facebook.
Seneschal’s note for absent Marshals and other officers: Go do stuff. Take care of yourself. Sivrid has
been posting classes, training and other resources to use right now.

Herald – This position is still open.

Heavy Marshal – not present

Archery Marshal – not present

Thrown Marshal – not present

MOAS – not present

Chatelaine – not present

Youth – not present

Marshes Seneschal
Aislin de Tanet will be stepping down, and Justin will be stepping up as Seneschal. Thanks were
given to everyone who stepped up to keep things going during Covid.

Konrad: Hosting fee for is due soon. Nate moved to vote for the barony to pay the domain
hosting fee; Phae second; approved.

Baron’s officer report: TRM are happy with how SCA is going inside the kingdom and that people have
been able to come together during Covid, but they need award recommendations now. BRS
also needs award recs.

Coming soon: appreciations for TRMs from the baronages, so keep an
eye out for this on social media.

Date for next baronial meeting: Feb. 20th, 3 pm
(moved to not conflict with Virtual St. V Day massacre and TRM royal court the weekend of 2/13)
2:16 pm meeting adjourned

Minutes Archives Located in Baronial Newsletters Here