The Baron and Baroness

Marcos De Ribera & Bianca di Michaleto

Welcome to the Barony of Red Spears. We greet you in the name of The King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom. As landed Baron and Baroness it is our job to represent the Crown to the People of this Barony and also the People to the Crown. If we can assist you in your endeavors in our Barony, please ask. If we don’t have the answers that you seek, we generally will know who will have those answers and how to contact them. If you are new to this area and/or the SCA you are welcome to contact us and we will do everything we can to welcome you to our lands and our Barony.

Marcos De Ribera & Bianca di Michaleto Contact Information:
His Excellency: baron {at}
Her Excellency: baroness {at}