Barony Of The Red Spears
A Brief History of Red Spears
Red Spears, like most of the groups in Ohio, formed out of the Barony of Middle Marches, and in particular the Marche of the Marshes was the first group in the Barony. The March of the Crossing of Red Spears in Toledo was the founding group for the Barony. The name was shortened to Barony of Red Spears when it achieved baronial status in 1990. The original name for the Toledo group had been Hrothgar’s Fjord before it became the March of the Crossing of Red Spears and after the Marche of the Marshes became a full status group in 1993 it was decided to form a new canton in the Toledo area; this became the Canton of Hróðgeirsfjörðr. Red Spears is the home Barony of the first meeting place of the SCA in Ohio. Bowling Green (home to Marche of the Marshes) was the place where Jehan de la Marche held the first SCA meeting. Bowling Green hosted an active group for many years before they got around to becoming full status in 1993. The Canton of Catteden is in the Findlay, Ohio area. The Shire of Oakford has joined as a Canton in 2013 and serves Huron, Sandusky, Erie and Ottawa counties. Most recently the Shire of Castell Gwent has joined as a Canton and serves as the local group for Seneca and Wyandot counties.

Baron and Baroness
Red Spears Barons and Baronesses
The first Baron and Baroness of Red spears were Vasili and Seraphina when they became a Barony in 1990. Seraphina resigned in October 1993. When Vasili stepped down in Feburary 1994 Ranulf of Wolfshaven was made Vicar to oversee the Barony until a new Baron and Baroness were selected. Then William Taylor the Pure became Baron and Gabrielle Juliana Raron Baroness in May 1995. Taylor resigned from the role of Baron in 1998 Leaving Gabriella alone upon the Throne of Red Spears. As was Kingdom Law at the time a vote of confidence was held in 2002. Gabrielle passed the vote of confidence to remain Baroness. On that poll the question was asked, “Do you want a Baron?” to which the answer by the Barony very strongly was yes. After polling for the office of Baron, Blaise de Fry joined Gabrielle as Baron in December 2002 until he resigned in September 2006. In 2007 a polling was done for both Baron and Baroness and Mistress Helewyse de Birkstad and Thorkel inn vikverski Maks son were invested as Baron and Baroness on January 5th, 2008 (AS 42). Helewyse and Thorkell decided to step down about six months early of five years so that the next Baron and Baroness could be invested at Baron Wars hosted in the Marche of the Marshes. Raffaele da Cernia and Margherita di Raffaele were invested as Baron and Baroness on June 30, 2012 (AS 47).